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bringing the next evolution in the ride-hailing industry.

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CEO / Founder - Niwi Trips

Jose Fabregas has been involved in every aspect of the industry for over 26 years. He has developed a deep love, commitment and fascination with the networking world.


Aside from his duties as CEO of Niwi Trips, Joe is also a devoted husband to his wife of 36 years(and counting!) and as a father to their five lovely and talented children. As a family, the Fabregas’s are all passionate about healthy living and an active lifestyle. Joe and Maria…”Chiqui” as she is fondly known to family and friends…both are passionate about healthy eating and also going to the gym 3-4 times weekly.


As CEO, Joe is proud and honored to be part of the team that will be known as Niwi Trips.


Director of Operations – Niwi Trips

With 20 years of network marketing experience leading as a country head for several multinational companies, Tahir gained his expertise in all departments of network marketing business development and infrastructure.


Tahir strives and envision an ambitious goal for Pakistan. As the Niwi Trips franchiser in Pakistan, he has a mission to bring in a game-changer in the ride-hailing service industry.


Niwi Trips was meant to change the lives of hundreds of millions of people through the promising opportunity it offers. It is an innovative profit-sharing business platform that will open a new success path for more individuals in the country.



Director of Technical Affairs - Niwi Trips

Muhammad Arif is a degree holder in Masters of Science - Information Technology.


Started as a network marketing enthusiast;  for 20 years he explored the overwhelming possibilities of the industry. Arif gained success and reputable experience in the field. Aside from Network Marketing, Arif is also an established Digital Marketing Expert, he was awarded as an Information Technology expert in DTEC (Dubai) for his expertise in several Programming Languages.


A qualified IT professional with certification in MS -Information Technology, MCSE, OCP(Oracle Database SQL (1Z0-071).

An expert in SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing, Reputation Management, Mobile Commerce, Website Development.

Muhammad Arif was also a recipient of a prestigious award as BEST Project Manager in Dubai.


Director of International Network Growth – Niwi Trips

A global network leader with over 20 years of training modules and network marketing experience.Founder of Team Victory and build network over 12 countries.

Awarded as the most promising leader in year 2016 by the Malaysian MLM Topper with a Legendary award.